January 16th, 2005

Gother than thou. Or anyone.


Much of that was an absolutely storming weekend. adjectivemarcus rocks in multiple fashions and directions, and it was unspeakably wonderful to see katyha so very, very happy. Thank you to everyone who was there for making it so excellent.

Unfortunately last night things went a bit wrong with me, and I've not entirely recovered, so please bear with me if you're expecting anything - I'm in a very bad way indeed. If anyone's wondering (and it's ok if you're not), hugs are good, as are offers of coffee and stuff if anyone's around over this coming week - I promise not to land a load of angst on your head if you would like to see me, I can talk perfectly perky nonsense as usual, it's just that company is currently a good thing for various reasons.

Much love,

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    'To Cut A Long Story Short', Spandau Ballet.