January 2nd, 2005

Win Nick Rhodes' Shoes!

Mysterious Cities Of Flan

Last night rocked, hard - went out to Pikeyville Wood Green to see Phantom Of The Opera again with nisaba, melston and olethros, some of the absolute best company anyone could ask for for an evening. (I really must write about Phantom sometime, but now isn't it.) They were all quite taken with the film, and I'm glad - and I enjoyed it more, this time around, not having to think quite so hard about so many things. Then, because we were all in that giggly stage of not-quite-tiredness one gets after these things, we ended up back at nisaba and melston's place, watching old footage of mad, mad bands on The Tube, insulting Paul Weller and eventually playing the best game in the world, which is, obviously, replacing words in song and TV show titles with the word 'flan' and then giggling for half an hour about it. We are five. ~grin~

It was a really good evening, though, and just what I needed. Thank you all.

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