December 24th, 2004

(I've tried patience)

(no subject)

Have successfully negotiated opera, ghastly friends of parents, phonecalls from other bits of family (also ghastly), French women taking their dogs to see the Christmas windows, small children on rollerskates with armfuls of baguettes, and also entirely failed to properly argue with either father or mother, so far. Tree is sparkling despite lack of many things resembling decent decorations (because I rock) and mother and father are several glasses of pink champagne under, so it could all be ok after all. ~s~

Doubt I'll be on first thing in the morning tomorrow, so, Happy Christmas/Xmas/tinselfest/Saturday, kids. Have a good one.

I love you all, very very much. Looking forward to coming home.

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    'Red Skies', The Fixx.