December 15th, 2004


My goodness.

I've had some weird dreams with this particular cold, but last night's took many biscuits, and also cakes, and probably a couple of slices of pie. I wish, I wish I could remember them in perfect detail, but all I can remember is basic plot, unfortunately, and even that is a bit sketchy. Nevertheless, what I can remember is Collapse )

Sometimes I wish I could find someone prepared to interpret these things. Other times I'm really glad I can't.

Edit : Unrelatedly - I'm not saying every cloud has a silver lining, but there is always something interesting around every corner, which is reason enough to keep walking if you can only remember it when it really matters, which I frequently can't. I'd like to thank zellah for reminding me of it. ~s~

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I love spam. I've just been offered "Subversive Footage of Uma Thurman".

What do we reckon, running around in a Communist uniform, or sitting on a train reading the Koran?