December 13th, 2004

(I've tried patience)

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Oy. I really did not want to be wide awake at half one in the morning. Guess that's all the sleep I'll be getting, then. Waaaah. (In a word.)

God, I hate being ill. I really do. I know it's just a cold, but it's still unfair and, and I've been watching Black Books so any post I make is inevitably eventually going to turn into a Bernard Black misanthropic self-pitying rant involving pixies, so I'll stop this one before it does. ~s~

But. Ow. Wanted to sleep for longer. Ow.

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Emily Strange


Saturday involved shopping with adjectivemarcus (who is very patient), picking up things for parts of my wayward family and generally making myself feel better by Buying Stuff, which is always a helpful sort of thing to do. Having not had any sleep I then went entirely exanimate at him, which led to a fairly odd evening, followed by the excellence that was katyha's Xmas party. Wonderful to see everyone (far too many people to list) and although I was exhausted by the end, I did have a very good time.

And yesterday, as I've mentioned, involved a trip to Crystal Palace with zoo_music_girl and a number of people, not all of whose LJ names I'm going to remember if I try now, so I won't. ~s~
Crystal Palace is a very, very strange place. The dinosaurs, though, were incredibly cool, fortunately located out of eyeshot of the hideous sports ground, and looked like we'd just rounded a corner and surprised them all into turning to stone. It was very cold, and I was in something of a strange mood anyway because the grounds of the former Palace had a certain amount of atmosphere (if anyone but me, ever, has seen The Amazing Mr Blunden, it was all very like that) and because I wasn't very well. But we had a good day, and childeric is lovely and looked after me, and zoo_music_girl likewise, when we got back to hers. (Hot ribena with cloves in)++++++

I wanted to write a more detailed and generally better update, but I only made it back to sleep at 7 this morning and now I'm up again and I feel like death in a freezer. So I can't. Sorry. ~s~

Still, poking myself into wakefulness so I can go and meet flick for lunch, which will be a Good Thing.

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    'Do They Know It's Christmas', actually. Sigh.