November 22nd, 2004

Here be *dragons*, I said. Are you *deaf*?

Weekend and things

Saturday saw me head over to adjectivemarcus for the sheer festival of wrong that is watching Dungeons & Dragons. It was a great deal of fun; we then looked up the actors on IMDB and discovered the unthinkable : they have made a sequel. I'm sure this will fill everyone else with the same mix of fear and inability to wait that it did me. ~s~ I then somehow ended up watching Yellow Submarine, which is weird enough that I won't try to say anything much about it. Except that the puns are worse than what you'd get with an infinite number of wechslers and aegidians...

Yesterday I went to visit asrana and aegidian for a while, watching music TV and generally relaxing. Was good.
What else? Caught the trailer for A Series Of Unfortunate Events, which looks absolutely fantastic; have a few bits of music news, but I'll post them later. I think that's all. Another very long couple of days coming up.

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Edit : Also, ~boggle~. (Thank you, asrana.)

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