November 18th, 2004

Labyrinth - dance

Oceans away from the wakeful day

Last night, since I'd promised myself that I could, I wandered through Virgin and picked up the Gwen Stefani single and the White Stripes cover of 'Jolene', which remains the only thing of theirs I've ever liked but I do really *really* like it...why can't they sound like that on anything else they do, damn it?

There followed a gorgeous evening with the very lovely Mr andyravensable, talking about cover versions and how hopeless people are and generally having a good time in a way that couldn't be described as putting the world to rights because I'm not sure there was actually anything *wrong* with the world. ~s~

Quiet evening in listening to music and taping it for wechsler tonight, I think, unless I told anyone I'd be anywhere.

"Why alone? I'll be lonely with you..."

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    'Take Of Me', Alison Moyet.
Gother than thou. Or anyone.

Curse this pesky chemical imbalance.

I know I had a perk somewhere around was here a couple of hours ago, I'm sure it was. Where did it go? I've looked down the back of the sofa and everything.
This is very frustrating. I would love to be able to hold on to a good mood for 24 hours sometime in the next, oh, month or so. It has been a while. That is all.

~s~ I know, I whine too much. I'll stop now, honest.

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    'Valentine', Sunday Driver.