November 12th, 2004

Gother than thou. Or anyone.

Oh, to hell with it.

Executive decision made to go to B-Movie tonight despite having a) had other plans, b) made a definite decision two months ago never to go back and c) fully expecting it to be disastrous. I am daft. ~s~ But I need to dance and I kind of want to see people, and I'm hoping one or two people I don't know yet will be there. So see some of you there after all.

In other news, woke earlier than expected because I had a nightmare of alarming content. It involved Cthulhu and andyravensable. No, really.
Ow, my head.

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    'Assimilate', Skinny Puppy. Forgot how much I liked this.
I can fly!

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Heh. B-Movie has just become more potentially disastrous by a factor of about six. Heh. (It's ok, it's nothing anyone needs to worry about.)

Why me?