October 18th, 2004

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Very quiet weekend being looked after by giolla and ruis, who are both extremely wonderful and brought me chicken soup and excellent cough medicine respectively. Watched music television (nearly enough for another roundup, but not quite. ~s~) and played with future website and stroked cats and generally had a lovely couple of days. Thank you both.

Still not terribly well, although the potential for passing out in club doorways is probably past. Have soup and Evita and cross stitching, though, so I expect I'll survive. I know, it's so rock and roll, isn't it? Never mind.

And how are you?

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    'You Won't Forget About Me', Dannii Minogue.

Classically beautiful.

The unfairly gorgeous Frenchman Jean-Romain at college sang Saint-Saens's Danse Macabre this evening - the theme from Jonathan Creek in case you didn't know. It's one of my absolute favourite pieces of music and although it works superbly as an instrumental - I'd love to hear it done on an electric violin, I'm sure it has been - it will always be best as a song, because the words are so fantastic (sorry about the popups, it's the only site I could find that had it in full...). He sang it very well. He really is gorgeous.

So is Jean, who is also French, in his fourth year and knows my mother and likes me very much. So much in fact that he should be getting me a free ticket to go and see Don Giovanni at the Coliseum on Wednesday. So, no, asrana, sorry, but I think I won't be free - I'm sure you understand, though. What with it being my favourite opera and all. Hurrah.

And, not lowering the tone in any way (because I stand fully behind Mr Lloyd-Webber for the things he's done well), I did watch Evita earlier and wept at how glorious it is. Just amazing, so grand-scale and stunning and, and, wow. Thank you, djm4 - what with that and Ultraviolet I think I now trust your judgement absolutely. ~g~

And now for Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Room 101. Which does lower the tone slightly, I suppose, but hey. ~s~

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    It really is a wonderful song, and you should all hear it.