September 25th, 2004

Camille Noire

"I've never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance, looking for a little romance..."

And I hope I've well and truly stuck 'Lady In Red' in people's heads now, because it's stuck in mine, devastatingly inappropriate, oddly hilarious, Really Fucking Annoying.
Well. I can't work out whether that was a good night, or a monumentally dreadful one; looking at what I've done to myself, though, I reckon monumentally dreadful wins.

And I am going to tell this empty box why, although I'm not telling you lot, per se. I'm just telling the post box. Because it's there. And it's two in the morning and I know how few of you read mid-Friday-night posts.
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So, yeah. This is the most fantastic thing ever, and I shall probably link it again next week to make sure people have seen it.

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    'Tis 'Bohemian Rhapsody' now, actually.
(I've tried patience)


This week's B3ta challenge. Those boys scare me. ~s~

Shall be joining katyha and people for shopping trip this afternoon if that's ok. Then off home to see my mum, who hasn't been in the country for a couple of months and whom I've missed desperately. Back tomorrow night though (probably) if anyone wants to do anything...

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    'Everything Will Be Alright', The Killers.