September 17th, 2004

(I've tried patience)


I have the Fear now. ~fear~

In other news, surprisingly lovely evening watching dennyd trying to work out how his computer works now that it's got two (two!) shiny monitors attached to it, rereading 'Sleepyhead' by Mark Billingham (do I have to tell you all how fantastic this man is? You should already know, damn it) and marvelling at the fact that dennyd managed to get bored halfway through Hellraiser and still hasn't seen it all. Sigh. ~s~

Also, oh, fine then, I shall be going to Synthetic Culture tonight, though it is a Bad Idea and I will regret it horribly in the morning. ~g~ It's all blackmetalbaz's fault.

wechsler, sorry, but you have to suffer some more for my art - 'Shades' seems to be too obscure, or at least something my brain can't connect with more than two songs - maybe throw some other words at me? And I'll try to make you something today...

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    'Ghost Story', Sting.