September 16th, 2004

Here be *dragons*, I said. Are you *deaf*?

So anyway...

Things are shinier this morning, if only because I've watched Hellraiser (or parts of it) another three times since last night. ~grin~ I spy a new temporary obsession. Who's surprised? No, nor am I. I have got to see the two that come after. I think I can probably live without the one set in space, though. (In space? I mean, really.)

"It is not hands that summon us. It is desire." Apparently. Good to know in case college does become unbearable. ~grin~

Thank you to all the people who've spent the last x years telling me I should see it; you were quite right. Next stop : Forbidden Planet. ~s~

I'm sure I could fit in one more quick viewing of the highlights before I go in today...

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(I've tried patience)

World : 1 - Kitten : 0

The world does not like me at all today. College was. Messy. I then went looking for Forbidden Planet (which hid from me), got knocked over by a van reversing fast round a corner (*again*), found Forbidden Planet (which didn't have Hellraiser III, which was what I wanted - actually I'm not even sure that it's out, but they still didn't have it and it's still not fair) and then developed a migraine on the bus home. Bah, say I. And bah again.

Off to see dennyd tonight. Hopefully this will help.

Edit : Oh, but imago is right; this is wonderful.

Oh, and I want this. Of course I do. (But it's so shiny!)

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