September 14th, 2004

(I've tried patience)

Getting several birds with one small electronic stone...

1) I am hoping to go up to Edinburgh on the first weekend of October; what's the best way for me to get there? I know one of you at least will be able to answer this.

2, 3) Because I will soon have a new phone (asrana is giving me her old one) which can actually store more than about fifty numbers, I thought I'd ask you lot for your numbers - even if you think I've already got it - only if you're happy for me to have them, of course. Because I can, I've also left a space in the poll for you to put in your address if you're happy for me to have it (I have a shiny new address book, too) and for you to leave an answer to that most recent meme - if you feel like it.

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Bisexual Underground tonight, hopefully. See some of you there if I make it.

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    'All Day Long I Dream About Sex', JC Chasez.