September 13th, 2004

(I've tried patience)

I have good friends.

asrana and aegidian rescued me yesterday, after enrolment at the Guildhall went entertainingly badly (don't ask), and took me home for cuddles and Queer Eye For The Straight Guy (I. Want. Them. All.) and there was much silliness and chatting with sashajwolf and djm4, which was needed and lovely. This morning was spent in largely the same fashion, and then I headed down to spend the afternoon with dennyd, mostly watching Weebl & Bob (pie! so much pie!) and playing American McGee's Alice. Badly, in my case.
Internet things have also made me smile this evening, mostly zoo_music_girl's beautiful pictures from miss_soap's wedding (stunning all round, but, boys in suits! Guh.), chatting with kneeshooter for a bit, and e-mail from zotz. Thank you all, making me smile is good even if you're not specifically intending to occasion it. ~smile~

Too tired to keep having panic attacks about tomorrow; it's going to be fine, for heaven's sake, it's the first day and all it is is wandering around orientating ourselves - there aren't even any classes. What on earth am I frightened of?
Sigh. I should sleep. And at this rate I think that plan of Electric Dreams again tomorrow will have to be shelved for a week. Probably sensible.

Anyway. Yes. Sleep.

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