September 11th, 2004

(I've tried patience)

"You could meet somebody who really loves you..."

Not, actually, that bad a night - musically speaking it was really very good, with neuromantik's and her (ridiculously pretty; like olithered only six foot something with wavy hair) friend's set getting the evening off to an excellent start with, y'know, a Cure song I *like* and NIN and Siouxsie. And things. And Adrian played 'Warm Leatherette' again, and Stix tried to kill me with part of his set - 'Assimilate' by Skinny Puppy (which I'd forgotten all about, and I want want want) followed by the RevCo 'Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?' (yes, actually, and I want that, too) followed by Chicks On Speed's 'We Don't Play Guitars' (which, yes...are you sensing the theme here?) He also played a Bauhaus song I liked. I am trying to forget which one so I can deny it at a later date.

A bit silly from the angst point of view - I met The Girlfriend tonight; she is...well, I'd like to give my impression of her but it would be too cruel at the moment. But then it's half four in the morning. She is, let's say, someone even I feel vastly superior to in almost every way, especially given the look in her boyfriend's eyes when I left the club. Sigh.

Never mind. Enrolment day tomorrow today, but there is a god and so I don't have to be in until half one. Sleep is calling me, using the voice of the adorable little goth kid who haunts Gossips (and everywhere else) and who is apparently at least 16, not 12 as I had been led to believe. I want one.

Sorry for the mild incoherence of this post. I really am awfully tired. I think I'll go to bed now.
Wouldn't it be scary if I drank alcohol? ~grin~ Or would it be mostly the same, just with more jumbled letters?

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