September 8th, 2004

Labyrinth Sarah forest

"I've got leverage, who could ask for anything more?"

The above, of course, a line from 'Battlefield Earth : The Musical'. It has to be done. ~grin~

Anyway. Christ, adjectivemarcus owns some videos of Wrong - first Marquis and now a Czech animator's vision of Alice In Wonderland, complete with actual stuffed white rabbit eating its own stuffing and tins with cockroaches in and all that kind of thing. Very beautifully made, though.

Have left myself behind at adjectivemarcus's today in order to be in the right part of London to go and see asrana tonight (~bounce~) and am resisting the urge to start talking to his computer because it's so gorgeous. I have not had enough sleep. ~s~

Oh, yes, but - when I was sleeping, I dreamed (among other things) that I met robert_jones - with ghoti, at an airport in Nottingham - and he tried to convince me that he looked like Dave Gahan, thanks to a special necklace he was once given. Actually he looked like someone who spent his spare time wrasslin' the grizzlies and possibly dealing with those snakes and crocodiles Steve Irwin is too frightened to handle. Odd, since as far as I know he looks like neither of these things.

Love you all darlings,

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