September 5th, 2004

I can fly!

Life? Don't talk to me about life.

But only because I've been all over the place and I've not got the energy to write properly about it now. ~smile~ But I will anyway, because it's been very good. Thursday night was spent at katyha's watching Sherlock Holmes : The Last Vampyre, which was very silly and badly acted and featured four vampiric bears, or rather vampiric forebears, but you know how it is.
On Friday I went to wish dennyd happy birthday, and hung about with him in Wimbledon for a bit before returning to katyha's, where due to a happy accident or similar I ran into envoy, which can only be counted as A Good Thing. The evening was spent with katyha watching Grace Jones in Vamp - also very silly and badly acted and with vampiric bears of some number. Well, sort of.

Yesterday involved going over to lolliepopp's, where I ran away from Shaun Of The Dead (very well-made, very funny, but I can't stand zombies), met blakeshell, who is lovely, and then came back downstairs for Battlefield Earth.
I would love to try to convey to you the sheer, mindbending direness - terrifying, dizzying badness - of this film, but there is just no earthly way to do it. I may do some kind of incoherent ranting about it tomorrow, but really...nothing can do it justice. Nothing. Thirty minutes before the end I was sobbing, holding people's hands screaming "WHY ISN'T IT OVER YET?" It was lots of fun, though. ~grin~

Today has involved much lounging and watching of music TV (today's tip, boys and girls - Dido's new single. It's gorgeous.) with lolliepopp and the lovely kelemvor. And tonight I intend to make a comprehensive wishlist for myself, because I can and I can't face anything more intellectually stimulating; my brain has melted after Battlefield Earth and it will be a while before I can use it again.

May not make it back through LJ, so if there's anything you really want me to see, point it out? Thank

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