August 15th, 2004

Camille Noire


...was particularly lovely in many places, for which much thanks to all concerned. I do, however, feel bad for having ended up losing it ever so slightly, in a way that was completely out of my control. The events of the past few weeks are, it seems, going to take a little while to get over. Everyone there last night was extremely good about it, and many thanks to lots of people, especially conflux, thekumquat and ciphergoth, for sitting and listening to me and reassuring me that it's actually ok to let these things get to me and that I'm not, in fact, making mountains out of molehills and the like. ~sigh~
I don't *want* to have my behaviour, my time with my friends, compromised because of the unconscionable actions of someone else. But at the moment, it may happen. I'm really sorry about it, but it doesn't seem like it's anything I can particularly control. I promise I'll work on it.

While we're here. I keep finding more and more things I want to say to the man in question. I'm considering writing him a letter, which he may, of course, decide not to read. I do feel as though I ought to try to justify my handling of the situation, but more that I want to explain where he went wrong and why, so there's no chance he can do the same again with anyone else. Is this a bad idea? (Not that I'll get any advice, as it's the weekend, but still. ~s~)

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