July 28th, 2004

(I've tried patience)

British actors make my life a better place.

Good couple of days, mostly. ~smile~ Went to djm4's on Monday night to chat and watch things, and did just that; watched Withnail & I and Down With Love, both of which are painfully brilliant in their own ways, but only one of which has Paul McGann in a bath. The same one as has characters in it so recognisable from my family's Theatre Friends that I felt right at home.

God, it's a brilliant film. You were all quite right all along. Half the time I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, it was so good. I tended to choose laughing, though. It's just. So good. Meep. ~falls over~

So, yeah. And then yesterday I hung around the house with the kids and aegidian, and watched bits of Equilibrium (so! pretty! so! shiny! Christian! Bale! Want one!) and all of the Paul McGann Doctor Who thing (sorry, but I rather like it) and one series (I think) of Sapphire & Steel, which I loved.

So a couple of days of seeing very shiny things. Thank you, people!

I shall be going back to Sussex again for a few days today, as I have a concert with my mother on Friday. Should be back Sunday or Monday though - I'll work out plans when I know when I'm getting back.

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