July 26th, 2004

The Crow


Spent Saturday watching Robin of Sherwood with dennyd and Sunday...erm...watching Robin of Sherwood with corpsie and random_haze (I'm sorry, I'm just slightly obsessed at the moment) and in between went to wildeabandon's birthday party, which was mostly really good - excellent music from mrph, devalmont and deliberateblank, and lots of people there it was good to see and chat to.

Rest of my life has been spent reading cataclysmically appalling Robin of Sherwood fanfic and trying to resist the temptation to write my own.

Had an odd nightmare last night which was detailed enough that I put it up on duranorakdreams; still feel a bit weird.

I know this is all a bit monotonal and noncommittal but I'm just not myself at the moment. Not happy, even with the good things. I wish I knew how to remedy this.

Edit : Well, looking up a certain gentleman on IMDB is probably a good start. Because, y'know. Erm. The Fear. Sheesh. My head hurts.
And god knows I'm unlikely to watch it but looktheywereinafilmtogether and theirloveissocinematic! *ahem*
And I would like to take this moment to be amused. Still, can't be worse than Embrace Of The Vampire...

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