July 21st, 2004

(I've tried patience)

Right, well. Things I've been doing recently.

* Listening to Def Leppard. Must get 'Hysteria'.

* Listening to Arcturus, courtesy of rathenar; unbelievably, blackmetalbaz was right and I do quite like them.

* Watching 'Robin Of Sherwood' over and over and over again and still not getting even slightly tired of it.

* Visiting kissycat1000, azekeil and ev1ldonut; going to Ashton Court music festival (in which I mostly sat reading Mark Billingham, actually); leaving hurriedly; not apologising enough.

* Watching Britney. Mmm, Britney.

* Watching The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen and From Hell up in Cambridge; not wise, but kind of fun.

* Seeing the ever-lovely giolla for lunch.

* Spending a wonderful evening listening to absurd music and chatting about things with adjectivemarcus. Thank you!

* Not actually coping terribly well. Warning : this kitten is fragile. Please handle with care unless you've a really good reason not to.

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    'Together We', Clannad.