July 5th, 2004

(I've tried patience)

Things, stuff, and running away.

So, on Saturday morning I decided to go and treat myself to things in HMV's actually rather good (for once) sale. Collapse )

There followed Collapse )

So speaking of that, from this afternoon I will be down in Sussex houseminding for my parents. This is not, quite, running away, since it's something I agreed to ages ago and something they need me to do, but I'm currently looking upon it as a way to hide under the duvet of life without actually suffocating.
They're leaving me their computers, so I will be able to get online without any problems, but for once I have to say I can't drop everything and run to anywhere unless it's quite genuinely a matter of life and death. I'll have my phone. If anyone decides to have a matter of life and death while I'm away, please do call me. But otherwise, I shall be mostly wandering in the hills, clearing out bags of my stuff from the cellar, feeding the goldfish and watching music TV until it comes out of my ears.

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