June 9th, 2004

Labyrinth - dance

If your child ain't all he should be now, this girl will put him right...

So, what have I actually been doing, bar collapsing in the heat? On Monday, wechsler and I went to Greenwich to look at boats, models of boats, pictures of models of boats, and Tintin, otherwise known as the Maritime Museum. (The Tintin exhibition rocks very hard indeed. Yes, I am five.) We then went up the hill to the Observatory, which was worth walking up a hill in that heat, but, y'know, only just. ~s~ But seriously. It was a gorgeous day, the first time I've properly seen wechsler in a long while...and, well, Tintin. You can't go wrong, really.

Yesterday was mostly spent collapsed, until I ventured out for a successful singing lesson and then to Liverpool Street to meet a giolla, with the added bonus of an unexpected ruis. Took the former home with me as he had with him a copy of 'Tommy', The Who's fabulous rock opera film, which I had seen before but had managed to forget almost all of. We watched it; it's great.
Got up at eek o'clock this morning, though, so I may have to sleep again this afternoon. Once I've made the house presentable for the parents.

The next couple of weeks are filling up pretty well, really. Shall post a schedule in a minute and see if anyone'd like to fill any more of it...

Hope all is well with all,

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(I've tried patience)


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Anything I've forgotten? Anything anyone would like to add? Cancel? Change?

Edit : Oh, and my e-mail's randomly down, so if there are any comments you want me to see or if you've e-mailed me, comment here to let me know? Thanks.
Seems to be working now, if erratically. Possibly still best to leave a comment here if there's anything particularly urgent, not that that's likely on a sleepy Wednesday morning. ~smile~

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    I'd imagine it's going to be bits from Tommy for a while.
The Crow

If you can't stand the heat...

...well, actually, at the moment the kitchen is the coolest room of the house. ~sigh~ After a brief respite from the impossible heat this morning, it appears to be back with some kind of vengeance. I hate this. I hate this so much.

Tired, which is to be expected. Also depressed, for no actual reason barring the heat, and miserable (which is different and has reasons), and irritable, and guilty for having been irritable at people I love. Argh.

I want to curl up on some grass, in some shade, possibly with a nearby sprinkler. Instead I have washing-up to do, so I suppose I shall go and do that.
Not to be all plaintive, but if anyone felt like cheering me up, this afternoon would probably be a good time to do it.

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