June 3rd, 2004


Charity shops++

Yesterday I went round Camden with random_haze, poking the charity shops and Camden MVE with a stick to see what fell out.

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There was also this, which I've been wanting to get for some time.
I'm not going to spoil it for you by telling you what it's like. Come over and listen to it, or get it yourselves. It's...something else. And not at all what you'd expect. ~g~

And finally there was a book, namely 'Scaredy Cat' by Mark Billingham. His book 'Sleepyhead' is the most frightening, disturbing book I've ever read, and brilliant with it, so I have high hopes for this. And they're set in London, as well, which is always good.

So, I feel better for Stuff, which probably isn't the way it should be but hey, I'm a materialistic sort of child. ~s~
I also - somewhat humiliatingly - feel better for repeatedly listening to 'Keep Me A Secret' by Ainslie, which as most of you won't remember (or even have known in the first place) was the single from one of the boys in Fame Academy. Not a great pedigree, but the song is just lovely.

So that's me. How are you?

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(I've tried patience)

Oh, I don't believe it.

One of the other things I bought yesterday was a video of The Little Vampire - partly because it was £2, partly because I remember thinking vaguely about going to see it when it came out, partly because random_haze squeaked at me about the kid playing the little vampire in question.

Jailbait or not, she was right - he's gorgeous, he'd make the perfect Peter Pan (too perfect - I suspect he'd have made me cry a lot if they'd used him, so I'm glad they didn't), he's got a beautiful voice, he's not too bad at acting...(apparently he was in Girl With A Pearl Earring, as well, though I've not seen it, so I wouldn't know.)

So I looked at the box to see who he was.
Rollo Weeks.
Rollo bloody Weeks.

You've no idea who he is, have you? Of course you haven't. Unless, perhaps, you're asrana or thekumquat and you happen to remember his older sister, Honeysuckle.
I, of course, was too young to have been around for her - I was at school at the same time as the younger one, Perdita.

It's hard to put my finger on just why this is so infuriating, but it's had me muttering swear words all afternoon.
Damn it.

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(I've tried patience)

Why I Own The Entire World pt IV (I think it's part IV, anyway)

In our show on the course, there were four people playing security guards. Of these, all were extremely attractive, three were convincing sadistic bastards, and one had a conversation with me about genuinely being into BDSM the other week.
After this conversation he proceeded to ignore me, and I assumed at some point in the conversation I'd crossed some line or other and he just didn't want to risk going near the subject again. Which was frustrating, but fair enough.

Except that tonight, when I came to leave the course (it's over! Yes! I made it!) I came up to him to say "See you around - possibly at Torture Garden!" (where he'd said he occasionally goes) and he launched into "You had me figured out from the start, didn't you? Look...if you ever want to play, you've got my e-mail." and so on.

~blink~ He wants to do stuff with me. This is good. Bizarre, but good. I was so sure he wasn't, in fact, interested. Um, go me. I think. I mean, it may not end up going anywhere, but I think I still rock.

Improved my evening some, anyway.

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