June 2nd, 2004

(I've tried patience)

"But when you turned around, I saw your eyes were fire, and you crashed out all my dreams..."

That title is from Kim Wilde's 'View From A Bridge', and I just feel like that tonight. Can't. Take. Any. More.

Yeah, things got worse today. Quite a lot worse, actually. And, I mean, I'm still surviving, which is great, but I don't know how I'm doing it. This is horrible.

Never mind eh. Sleep and the ravell'd sleeve of care and all that. If I can get to sleep. (Which I probably can, mostly thanks to giolla, who is great and offered to meet and give me hugs before he headed home tonight. Thank you.)

~sigh~ What has gone wrong with everybody?
Or is it just me that something's gone wrong with, and if it is, what has gone wrong with me?

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    'View From A Bridge', Kim Wilde.