May 25th, 2004

(I've tried patience)


So, as I said, the shows went well last night, and although things are a bit weird with one or two of the people on the course (who are, I must say, being incredibly childish about things) it's generally good - it's better now, since all we do is get there and get on with it, than it has been when we were all sitting around all the time waiting to get on to rehearse.

My impossible cross stitch is coming on really rather well, my dad's coming up this evening to see the show and I'll try and chat to him about this business with the gun, I get to see asrana tomorrow (YAY!) and at the weekend I'm heading to Cambridge for Back From The Future. And people are wicked and evil and great and inspiring and I may have to write things. And as for the responses to that meme, gosh but people are lovely. Thank you all.

So, yes, in summary, things are better now. ~s~

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