April 24th, 2004

(I've tried patience)

"It'll be all right, it will be fine, 'cause it's nothing more than ordinary life..."

Lovely day wandering with ruis yesterday, rambling at her an awful lot and being mildly astonished when she didn't run away. ~s~ Went to the Pain exhibition at the Science Museum, which is...odd - mostly under-funded and poorly displayed, I think, but there were (naturally) a number of shiny things and a number of things which I'm surprised didn't give me nightmares. I think I should go back on my own and see how different it is.

Then to Euston to see corpsie, random_haze and monolithix for a while before they went to Gossips - corpsie looking quite ludicrously good in a smoking jacket, random_haze all Sandman-Death-type-thing - I was pretty much in my happy place. (And I apologise again for mostly being too shy to talk to monolithix - it's not a question of ignoring you or having better things to think about, it's just that I'm scared of you. ~s~ I'll get there.)

Up to Milton Keynes (eventually) today - yay! Have missed dennyd like a thing one misses an awful lot.

Love to all, and remind me to talk about birthdays on Monday.

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    'Ordinary Life', Kristen Barry. (I think.)