April 12th, 2004

(I've tried patience)

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Somewhere along the line I lost the happiness.

~curls up in a corner~ I want to go home...

Edit : Ah. Went upstairs to read for a bit at two, woke up ten minutes ago (it's just gone five now) and had to work very hard to drag myself out of bed. This would be the point where I realise this is just your standard depression rather than anything actually having gone wrong. Good.
So don't worry about me, because I know it'll be gone again soon. ~smile~ You don't know how strange it feels to say that. I don't think I've *ever* said that and believed it before.
Anyway. Just don't want people to worry. It's just...one of these. ~s~

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    'Something I Can Never Have', NIN, in my head.
Labyrinth Sarah forest

"Bill Bailey would like the Eggs of Numbing Inevitability..."

Feeling slightly better already - mum returned and we watched the final of University Challenge and then Bill Bailey (I gave in and finally bought Bewilderness at the weekend) and she gave me chocolate and a gorgeous cross stitch kit and I stopped worrying about things and concentrated on counting little squares and untangling bits of string. It helped. (It's all asrana's fault.)

Exhausted now, though, so sleep, I think.
Tomorrow evening I'm meeting giolla for nominal caffeine, arkady on Wednesday and then Thursday [caffeine] with ruis. Yay!

Love, hugs, snuggles and/or sparkles to anyone who'd like. I have a lot spare. ~smile~

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    "I am the nemesis of the vole..."