March 4th, 2004

(I've tried patience)

Change of plans. I can, it turns out, be in two places at once tomorrow... long as both of them are London. dennyd is going to a club that plays noisy things he can fling his hair around to tomorrow night, so I will in fact be still in London tomorrow. In the Dev in the afternoon to see cavalorn and anyone else who happens to be there, and then off to Full Tilt again. Hurrah hurrah. ~bounce~
I'll be heading up to MK on Saturday, of course, but I'm glad to get another Full Tilt out of the next few weeks. Rah.


corpsie, random_haze, should you happen to see this, that naturally means I will be joining you for drinks beforehand if that's still ok...
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    'Street Of Dreams', The Oysterband.