February 20th, 2004

(I've tried patience)

Not as planned, but not so bad all the same.

I really should have made it more clear in my last entry that I was, and am, really ok - I was just having a laugh at my own expense. You are all lovely for your hugs and concern, but things are fine. ~smile~ And so am I.
Except that I've got a cold. Which is extremely annoying. I got about half an hour's sleep last night, and that was filled with nightmare. Sigh.
Last night's plans changed when I discovered that davefish was showing Pirates Of The Caribbean and The Princess Bride at his filmclub, so robinbloke and I went over there and there followed an evening of much silliness. 'Twas good, even if I wasn't entirely honest about the lack of angst.

Hopefully I won't be feeling too bad tomorrow and I'll be able to make it to lzz's party and things - it would be good if someone could either give me a lift over or tell me how to get there, though...

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    Justin. It's not my fault, I blame the TV.