December 18th, 2003

(I've tried patience)


Had a lovely evening with wechsler and valkyriekaren, learning how to embarrass myself at play Chrononauts, and collecting my very shiny Christmas present (Dave Rimmer's new book about the New Romantics; shiny! shiny! bounce! bounce! bounce! And so on.)

Feel better today; yesterday was mostly spent chatting with Scott about life, the universe and New Model Army, and having a few concepts reiterated in a fairly convincing fashion. Apparently I'm cute and worth something (still £1.20 at the last count) - I forget this from time to time.

Have finally got all the family's presents, and made it home despite the cold, and the world is sort of prettily frosted, and, oh, I don't know. I feel a bit better. I blame dennyd and wechsler, it's probably largely their fault. ~s~

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    'Flies In The Marzipan', Manuskript.