December 16th, 2003

Emily Strange


Oh, ok. I'm always perfectly calm before an exam or an audition or whatever, until the actual day. This morning I am very scared. Repeatedly dreaming that I'd slept through it didn't help. Meep. Meeple. Scared. ~runs away~

Was thinking again this morning about the four projected albums I've had in my head since about 1999 - the ones I'm going to make when I have a band who are happy to do nothing but cover versions. ~s~ Mostly because the soundtrack to all my oversleeping dreams last night was the recently-heard 'Gorgeous' by Gene Loves Jezebel (thank you mrph and I'm still stuck for a name for The Goth Album we'd be making. Yes, I am just rambling. Anything to avoid thinking about this audition.

Anyway. Shall stop being so random now, and go away. Eeek.

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Camille Noire

Fade to grey.

Unexpectedly have tonight free (~get well kisses to spikeylady~) which I suppose is theoretically a good thing, but being in the same house as the painter/decorator is driving me mad. Ah well. Suppose this would be a good time to, like, wrap family presents and pack for France and stuff.
I really don't want to go. On the other hand, I really don't want to see any of my friends over Christmas either. This year has ended in a fairly awful place and I'd just like to see the end of it quietly drift by, for once.

I feel thoroughly miserable, but there's nothing anyone can do, unfortunately.


Tripped over yet another goth boy a minute ago, which makes three, or five if I'm counting rathenar's. It's all mrph's fault. Gah.
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(I've tried patience)

Stuff and Things and Meme

Audition went extremely well. I got sent through for an interview with the director of music, which also went fine, and although they can't say anything just yet, everything looks rather hopeful. Not just good news for me but more things with which to build bridges with my parents over Christmas. It's all good.

Ended up meeting lozette and asrana for dinner and talking, which was very lovely and interesting and stuff, although did not set my mind at rest about some things I'd hoped to have my mind set at rest about. Ah well. Was wonderful to see them nonetheless.
Dinner also involved a random bunch of goths who were presumably on their way to the NMA gig or something. I hate to say this, but ciphergoth was right all along, the one he's been insisting was hyperpretty for the last two years really *is* hyperpretty and I've just been blind up till now. I was wrong. Again. ~s~

Tomorrow I'll be dropping by the Scott stall to say happy [season] and things, and then heading to wechsler's in the evening. ~bounce~ Obviously what with the audition having gone so well I feel a bit better than I did earlier (also the house is quite warm for once...)

Anyway, off to write e-mail and that. But it was a good second-half-of-day.

Oh, and meme from zoo_music_girl :
What new music has come into your life over the last year (note - not necessarily released this year, just something you first heard this year), and who put it there?

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