December 12th, 2003

(I've tried patience)

Shallow things make me happy. Film at 11.

So, I was supposed to be going to the Course Christmas dinner last night, but ended up following jussard to the Resurrection records christmas thing instead. Because it was cheaper. ~g~ Oh, and, because I was having a good evening talking with him. There was that, too.

Since I met mrph he has been going on and on about Manuskript. And I have heard a few things and mostly thought "mneh". Standard stretchy goth vocals and too many guitars and nothing that really caught my attention. Last time I saw mrph he said "But you should see them live, they're excellent live". And it so happened they were playing last night.

I know he won't be online to see this but I thought I'd publicly state that for the second time in a worryingly small number of months I Was Wrong about something musical. mrph is quite right. They are glorious live.
The other thing, of course, is that at least two of them are absurdly pretty. (They followed me home, expect them appearing soon in a fanfic near you. Yeah, yeah, I know. Half of you know them and will laugh. You're allowed.)

So I had a very good night and this evening will be leaving for Coventry to visit mrph and at some point see mhw and beaupepys and no doubt get hugged quite a bit. Which is good.

Cute goth boys and good music. What more could a kitten want?

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    'Semaphore In Thunderstorms'. Which is much better live.