October 30th, 2003

(I've tried patience)


My paid account is expiring on Saturday, and I've no way of renewing it - it's not that I can't pay it, it's just that I have no credit card and stuff, and thus no way of actually getting the money to LJ.
Could someone who I'm going to see and thus can give the money to in cash possibly renew it for me? I'm not asking for anyone to gift it, just to do the complicated grown up credit card bit so I can hand them my pocket money...


In other news, perk. Spent a really good evening with djm4 last night, and I feel a lot better today. He summarises it better than I could - mine would mostly be hand-waving and squeaking, I think. Was lovely. ~bounce~

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I can fly!

In which migraines suck a lot, and life mostly doesn't.

This evening I sat for three hours in a wide room surrounded by mirrors while overhead eight enormous bright white artificial lights seared their way through my desperately closed eyelids. I had the worst migraine I've *ever* had - it was so bad I couldn't see, which terrified me, especially since even though all I could see of anything else was blurry coloured shadows, the damn lights were clear as artificial day.
It hurt.

I come back and of course, of course, it was an entirely unnecessary migraine. Heigh ho. I still feel like absolute hell and I won't be going to the do at the V&A tomorrow. Instead I'll be heading over to see asrana and company. But I may compromise and dress up. Just because.

And now everything hurts, so I am going to - eventually - try and get some sleep. Oh, and, ooh - I have work - but unfortunately not work that actually pays me anything. Proofreading for a London alternative magazine that *desperately* needs it, but has no money as things stand - but is willing to pay me if and when it does get some, so maybe eventually it'll be 'worth doing' in a sense my parents would understand, rather than 'worth doing' in my terms, which it already is.

Blah, blah, blah, sleep.

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