October 9th, 2003

(I've tried patience)

Q : Why didn't anyone tell me about this?

A : Because you're all at Whitby, of course.

But, shiny!

It seems likely that there's somewhere else I ought to be on Halloween, though. But I can't work out where.

The world is still a remarkably nasty place today. But probably not quite as utterly horrible as it was yesterday.

And I want some of this. Yes, really. At least I don't want the regurgitated weasel coffee.

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I can fly!

(no subject)

Oh, no.

I'm going to go sit in a corner and cry now, excuse me.

I can't bear it. I've been so looking forward to going to The Calling, and now they throw that at me. What do I do? It's very likely they'll never play the UK again, when you think about it.
Help. The world is making me choose between Nick Rhodes and Vince. That's just *silly*.


Day has just been much brightened.

I got around to looking Gary Le Strange up. You'd think that I'd be angry about someone who mercilessly took the piss out of the New Romantics, but actually, this guy appears to be just wonderful. I want to go and see his show (he has three dates in London this month and I shall almost certainly get to one of them.)
He writes songs. Songs that are parodies of all those wonderful early 80s songs we either know and love or know and run screaming from, holding cushions over our ears and shouting "If I hear one more line about the symmetry of pierrot love in a soho underpass..."

I've just been and downloaded excerpts from four of his songs (I really must get the CD). They're all brilliant. Clear parodies of Visage ("Ballerina, ballerina, see him prancing in his tights..."), Soft Cell ("People are cruel, and they say I'm a fool, but they don't understand - sex dummy...") and possibly Gary Numan ("I wrote a letter to lego, expressing my disappointment that they don't do dodecahedrons...").

And 'Grey', an Ultravox one. Which is so uncanny that I must reproduce the lyrics of just the tiny bit I have here :
"Waiting for a 1930s train
On a suitcase in the rain
I fade into the distance...and fade back again
Leaning in a darkened underpass
With a robot made of glass
In a pinstripe suit, a pierrot hat, and a...David Niven 'tache...

Yes, it's all very silly, but he clearly adores the songs he's parodying, and they're just so *good* - even musically. I've got to see this.

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    'Grey', Gary Le Strange.
(I've tried patience)

Oh, for...

And now I'm ill, too.
Oh, I am so thoroughly fed up.
Want to sit in bed being snuggled and brought toast and butter.
Have no-one to snuggle or make the toast and butter. Don't even have any bread. Or butter, for that matter.
~sniffle~ Bah.

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