September 12th, 2003

I can fly!

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~blink~ Apparently I have a Paid Account on DeadJournal now. I wonder why I didn't get notified of that. How odd. And I wonder who's responsible. ~baffled~

Oh well. I suppose I should make some icons then...~s~ (Later, while searching: Yipe. Friends Do Not Let Friends, etc. And that is why. On the other hand, oh my god I want one. For I am a cliche.)

Sleep full of odd dreams about e-mail and my mother. I'm glad to be awake, though I wish I hadn't had to sleep in here again.

Feel like posting another poll with the artists I left out, but maybe not for a couple of days, eh? ~s~

Eeeeeek. I get 20 userpics over on DJ. I do wish I knew who'd gifted me with that so I could give them a really huge hug. Twenty userpics! ~squeak~ Ahem.

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(I've tried patience)


wildeabandon's most recent post has made me turn over a lot of things in my head, again. I'm sure it will do anyone who reads it.

I have a lot that I want to say about the person I used to be, too. About the reasons why certain things have the effects they do, and about how I've changed and why and where I'm going. But really - seriously - would anyone be interested in reading any of that? Or should I save it for a private post? Know that saying you wouldn't be interested isn't going to upset me or stop me from writing things I need to, only spare you from having to actually read it. :)

Talk to me, people.

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