September 5th, 2003


I want one of...

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Sometimes it just makes me feel better to list random pretty things from eBay. It's good to know that there's such lovely stuff out there. Yes, I really mean that, even though I don't get to own it all just yet. ~smile~ I will. One day.

(I've tried patience)

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~sigh~ I feel randomly creative and have no idea what to do. Any ideas anyone? (It's ok, I know it's Friday night and no-one's out there. ~s~ I'm just bored.)

Later : So bored I went and poked the internet. Always a bad idea. Sheesh. And I thought the Thundercats fanfic was scary. At least I don't think any of this has sex in. But still. Eeep.
Oh god, I spoke too soon.

I mean...just...oh, god. ~hides under duvet~

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I could write bitter or sarcastic poetry but these guys say it so much *better*...

"They gave you life
And in return you gave them them hell
As cold as ice
I hope we live to tell the tale...
And when you've taken down your guard
If I could change your mind
I'd really love to break your heart"


Won't turn you out
If you've got someone else
Someone else to care about
Because you
Must realise
My obsessive fascination is in your imagination..."

And so on.

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