June 17th, 2003

(I've tried patience)

Someone up there thinks this is really funny, I know.

Actually a lot of last night was good. fluffymark gave me a beautiful bracelet and a card from himself and snow_leopard, and that was just lovely. The music was good (they played John Foxx's 'Plaza'!) and Valeriun came over to say that he'd agreed with me about a lot of the dance/industrial stuff that's been being played lately and that he'd do something about it.

But hey. I got relatively screwed over (again) because of alcohol (again) and I feel bitter and gullible and a little used and disappointed and upset and angry. So much for a good start to this week, in which I was supposed to be enjoying myself, what with the birthday and all.

I'm going to go and sleep for a bit more. Because it's all that I can do when things are leaden and, well, generally unpleasant like this. And oh god, LiveJournal is horrible today. Everything is.

Hiding from your eyes behind a waterfall of blood
Is where I'd rather be
However much I try I can't set free enough to hide behind
And you're still looking at me

(I've tried patience)

Ick. Not good.

I appear to have heatstroke, or something very like it. I went to bed feeling pretty dire, and spent an hour and a bit hovering between sleep and waking, shaking like a shaking thing. Then I got up to get ready to go to my singing lesson. Fell over. Went out to the corridor. Fell down the stairs. Tried to have a cool shower. Fell over in the shower.
At that point I decided I might give the singing lesson a miss. Tried to call my teacher. Dropped the phone. Dropped it again. Dropped it again. Called her. So now I'm here and very probably going back to bed. I feel wrecked. Ick.

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