June 10th, 2003

I can fly!

Silly, silly music. Very silly.

Last night was nice - but I have *got* to have a word with the people at Electric Dreams. The first set last night, like the first sets the previous two or three times I've been, was, to put it simply, an Electric Ballroom set. It felt all wrong for Gossips and nobody was dancing and it just plain sucked, frankly. Which was a shame as there were then two really good sets. (Valeriun is the answer to a lot of problems.) And then the last set was bad as well, so we left. ~sigh~ Ah well. Stix wasn't well, so he wasn't there, which left a big hole in the good DJs which was less than admirably filled, but it should be better again next week. I hope.

So during the hours of boredom while people were playing bad things, we noticed that the club TV screens were showing music videos, and asrana challenged me to sing whatever song was on the video along with whatever was playing in the club - harmonising appropriately, not just random yowling. And thus anyone around us would have been treated to :

Karma Chameleon mixed with some random Mesh song
Do They Know It's Christmas mixed with True Faith
19 mixed with True Faith (they played a long remix - of course)
20th Century Boy mixed with West End Girls (it goes amazingly well and sounds like easy listening)
The Model mixed with Night Train (absolutely perfect)
Metal Guru mixed with What Difference Does It Make (again, perfect)
Prince Charming mixed with I Fought The Law
The Cutter mixed with Transmission (I sang the whole song. It fits exactly.)
Agadoo and Cotton Eye Joe mixed with some bad Depeche Mode song.

It was great. We're silly.

Calling tonight! Yay! ~gently nudges daneel_olivaw~ Can I have a reply to just the last bit of my e-mail, if you wanted to see me this evening? I need to phone people and let them know what's happening...

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(I've tried patience)


I just opened up a random file on my computer and unearthed this. I'd forgotten it completely. I still quite like it though. ~s~

Something like coming home,
You soar across the miles,
Willing the clouds to part and show
Those beautiful, anticipated smiles.
But later, discontent,
To me you will complain
He never smiled, and barely spoke to you;
It's no surprise; he knew you'd go away again.

I wrote that in February of last year, when I was still very dubious about the concept of polyamory. Hmm.

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