June 6th, 2003

(I've tried patience)

I just. I can't. It can't. It *was*. It. Oh. Oh my god. Oh my. God. Oh. My. God. Oh my god.

....um. I know I'm lj-cutting the wrong bit in terms of length, but this is really really something special. So. Sorry.
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They *finally* started playing some decent music in the room with the dancefloor. And then they stopped. I sat with the Electric Dreams photographer-and-things, bitching about The Droyds. And then they started playing 'Blue Monday', so we got up and danced.

Earlier, while scouting for pretty, I'd clocked a tall thin gentleman in a silver skirt, though he hadn't looked all that interesting. He wandered in though with one of the gaspingly beautiful men, so I noticed him more this time. I looked a little harder. A little closer.
I nearly fainted.
Nearly passed out in the middle of Blue Monday. Once he'd left the room I went and sat down for a few seconds. Tried to collect myself. Started dancing again.

Went to look for him. Couldn't find him. Came back to dancing. Saw him wander in with the excruciatingly pretty. Sit down and chat. Then they played some 80s cheese and the excruciatingly pretty got up and danced.
And then the first heavy beats of Nine Inch Nails' 'Closer' shook the dancefloor and the man I'd been watching rose and moved to the dancefloor, subtly mouthing along to the lyrics.

And I thought : The last time I saw those beautifully awkward shoulderblades, they were wrapping themselves around the lyrics of '2HB'. But it wasn't Bryan Ferry.
And I thought : The last time I saw those long silvered cheekbones, they were lending their elegance to my own words. But it wasn't Brian Molko.
And I thought : The last time I saw those precise pretty lips, they were being ravaged by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. But it wasn't Ewan MacGregor.


Yes. I have seen Micko Westmoreland dance to 'Closer'.
I'm not sure if that's more or less bizarre than having seen him dance to 'Gay Bar' by Electric Six.

I haven't even squeaked about it yet. I'm in absolute, dead shock. And no, before you ask, I did *not* go up to him - I would have but the atmosphere was just too relaxed and beautiful for me to spoil it by fangirling.

Um. I'm going to go and sleep now. In the morning, I suspect I will ring asrana and scream at her a lot, and then feel better.

~shakes head~ I swear I dreamed it. Only I know I didn't.
My god.

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I can fly!

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Morning! Just got around to listening to another of the CDs hatter left with me. Meep. I owe him lots of thanks when he gets back. Pretty pretty electronic music, yay!

The business with artysmokes has now reached the realms of 'do not feed the troll' - thanks for all the sense you guys made though. He's currently accusing me of being the reason he wants to die this week, so I think just ignoring him is probably the answer. ~sigh~

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(I've tried patience)


I am listening to Oysterband and not even close to tears - and I'd completely forgotten that some of the songs are just plain good.

Anyone who has any idea how significant this is, please hug me. ~smile~ Or don't. It's ok.

These are the days
These are the ways of holding on

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