May 23rd, 2003

I can fly!

Utah Saints, etc.

~kittenstretches~ Morning, you lot. My weekend's looking pretty damn wonderful, so I'm trying to forget all the stress and just look forward to enjoying myself. Today people are also people, but they're people I *like*. Heh.

Perkykitten this morning. Tonight, Electric Dreams (normally on a Monday) will open as Club Electric, and I will most certainly be there. I would, of course, love to be joined there by anyone who thinks they'd like it. ~smile~

And I think he likes me and it's all wrong. But kind of nice.

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    And now of course I really *do* have Utah Saints in my head.
(I've tried patience)

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Don't think I'll make it to the pub. Almost thinking about not going out at all, but Ian might be there and it'd be nice to see him again. I keep hunting for a mother-of-pearl-handled knife to give him, I do hope I find one one of these days. ~smile~

Yes. I feel terrible again. The good feelings only lasted a couple of hours. Stress and worry and loneliness. And really bad music. ~sigh~

So bored this afternoon that I created a journal for a character of mine - made him three beautiful user icons and everything. It'll be a nice change from the bitterness of DeadJournal to see his take on things. He's a good thing.

I feel so ghastly. I don't know what to do, but I'm pretty sure an evening out among people who think I'm an emotional wreck is going to a) not help and b) reinforce their impressions. Which would be bad. Heh.

~kitten hides under duvet~ Wake me when the rains come.

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    'Snake Dance (Extended)', March Violets.