May 14th, 2003

I can fly!

Vince kissed me goodnight!

Yes, I know it's hardly momentous, but apart from the fantastic music (thank you zotz, mrph, and even sort of thank you Loki) and seeing daneel_olivaw again, if briefly, it was kind of the highlight of the night, really. ~s~
It was the dear boy's birthday, but he hadn't got *all* that drunk. We left before the end, because Loki was playing Blue Monday and I had that sinking 'he's about to mix something horrible into it' feeling. And I walked him to the taxi rank. And he said "see you soon", like he has been, as if two weeks is soon. Maybe it's sooner the older you get; it's a world away to me. And then he hugged me close. And said 'goodnight', and kissed me.

Oh, and one other thing. ladycat, you were quite, quite, quite right, and I shall start stalking immediately. ~grin~

I went charity shopping today. (As ever, when in Cambridge.) I found a new top, which is A Good Thing - another one that can probably be worn under the corset, too. Yay. I also found some rather curious music. Leaping out at me from one of the racks of records in Scope was 'Music from the film GOTHIC' composed by Thomas Dolby, who, in case any of you didn't know, generally rocks very hard indeed, in an eccentric sort of way. So of course, I bought it, but I'd never heard of the film. I've now looked it up and rather want to see it. Do any of you goths have a copy? I'm curious.

(Also bought Scritti Politti's 'Cupid And Psyche 85', Enya's 'Watermark', an 80s compilation, 'I Second That Emotion' (12") by Japan and 'Twilight Cafe' by Susan Fassbender if anyone was curious, which they weren't. ~g~)

Catch up on LJ, then catch up on sleep. ~kittencollapse~

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(I've tried patience)


When they're making a case for why Duncan and Methos are soinlove and need to be togetherforever and it's just the fault of the show's producers that they haven't had sex on camera yet, they always quote this exchange :

D : "How's Paris?"
M : "It's a lot quieter since you left."

In actual fact Methos says it in a tone of voice which suggests he rather likes the quiet, but then he is a trickster and a sarcastic bastard and you never know what he's thinking.

No, of course this isn't a propos of anything in particular. Why would it be?


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dennyd asked me for...

...a list of all the people I've ever 'been'. This is as comprehensive as I can get it off the top of my and asrana's heads, but I will probably add to it over the course of the evening. I figured I might as well post it, in case anyone else was curious.
(As requested, those who have been 'around' recently are now marked with an asterisk. There aren't too many right now. Obviously any of them may return without warning, the bastards.)

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That was very embarrassing - Fred Durst, indeed! - but kind of fun. And now you know.
And a lot of you may well now wish you didn't. ~grin~ Sorry! Blame Denny. All his fault.

And now, I'm off to see a man about a squirrel.
I wish I was joking.

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