April 29th, 2003


Oh, yes, that was definitely a plan.

Caffeine and food with ali_in_london, reddragdiva and arkady - all rather good until I started getting insecure and meepy and decided to leave rather than lose my ElectricDreamsbounce altogether. ~s~

ED was wonderful. Suddenly I was surrounded by a bunch of people I've seen there many times but been too shy to talk to - among them DJ Stix (of the JuJuBabies) who has promised me an unauthorised copy of their forthcoming album. Rah.
Also a sweet gentleman called Ian, about whom I've been curious for a few months as he's always on his own and does that dreadfully goth thing of dancing at the wall. We danced together. It was fun.
Also an extremely trashed man called Mark who I think has a band, though he didn't seem sure about anything much (except that Gary Numan was God - you know the type) and who rambled at me for hours about music, but unfortunately I couldn't understand a word he said. As Ian pointed out, he probably now thinks I'm his new best friend. ~s~
Also an unutterably lovely lady called Sarah, part-way into a sex change, who dances like a maniac and is a head taller than me and very beautiful - which I told her - and just a Good Person; one doesn't meet enough these days.

And as if all that weren't excitement enough there was Really Rather Good Music as well (danced for one and a half hours straight in the middle of the evening, collapsed now). And there was also terrible, awful, tragic music that I danced to anyway because it was fun.
~cough~ 'Axel F' and 'Japanese Boy', if you were curious. I blush for shame.

And, as ever, there were songs that made me think of people.
Well, mainly one person, because there were too many "you can run but you can't hide" songs going on and I will find you. Except I won't. But I want to.

Er, yeah. I probably *should* sleep, shouldn't I? ~g~ Sorry for the rambling. Night all. Morning. Whatever.

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(I've tried patience)

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It's good to be back in Cambridge, if a little...more difficult than expected. But I'm tired, so I'm sure I'll be forgiven the potential emotional. ~smile~
In any case, Vince is DJing tonight. Bounce. Definite bounce.

Doesn't mean I can stop thinking about any of the people who won't be there, though.

Heading dennyd-wards tomorrow evening and staying there until he throws me out or we collectively go to London, or both, I suppose.

I came up here to escape a bit but the standard bitching session with eviltwinemma was probably doing me some good so I guess I may as well go back downstairs. ~s~ I don't know, I feel like I'm hanging by a thread this afternoon/evening...I hope I'm just being my usual angsty self and not coming down with whatever Denny had over the weekend.

I did however buy The Deeper Meaning Of Liff today as something to read and, as it turned out, disturb passengers by giggling at, on the train. And I have perky synthpop stuck in my head.


God damn but I want to see him again.
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