April 22nd, 2003

(I've tried patience)

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Why is it my fault my dad doesn't know how to work a computer?

~sigh~ Series three, business as usual. Thoroughly unhappy by this point, and going back to London is unlikely to improve matters.


Later : Oh, but I've just remembered dreaming that the person I have the most unfortunate crush on had a big crush on me and we couldn't do anything about it and it was infuriating, but fun. So that's sort of made me smile a little. And I will have a video for someone who wanted a video.
No, things are never all bad. But I'm still miserable. And lonely, of course. Always lonely.

I can fly!

Butterfly kittens.

Back in London for about an hour and a half - ending in a minute or so - then singing lesson, then straight to Milton Keynes. Because, y'know. Love, and things.

Back Thursday, shopping in Camden Friday I don't doubt (looking for some more leopardprint for Saturday) then Ballroom Friday night, party Saturday night. After that I don't know.

Right, must dash, got to go and talk to a bank again.

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