April 17th, 2003

(I've tried patience)

Meme me? ~flutter flutter~ Please?

What is my real name?
Where did we meet?
How long have you known me?
How well do you know me?
Do I smoke?
When you first saw me what did you think?
What was one of the first things I said to you?
What are my hair & eye colour?
What's one of my favourite things to do?
What's my favourite type of music?
What's my best physical feature?
Am I shy or outgoing?
Would you say I'm funny?
Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules?
Do I have any special talents?
Would you consider me a friend?
Have you ever seen me cry?
A good nickname for me would be?
Am I in love, and with who?
Have I ever been hospitalised and what for?
Have I ever had a crush on you?
Have you ever had a crush on me?
Say anything to me here:

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(I've tried patience)

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Tonight has been...cold, quiet, cruel. I couldn't think why, but of course it's my first night in an empty house for more than a week.
There was more, it was 'Marian' by the Sisters Of Mercy and 'Beloved' by VNV Nation and it was all a bit too much and I am so tired. And I will sleep, soon, but I'm so alone; not even people upstairs talking, not even people downstairs watching TV, not even people in the next room making unnecessary amount of noise. It should be blissful to be alone, but waking up with someone is addictive, you know.

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