April 6th, 2003

I can fly!

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No pictures of boots, as I fell to pieces last night and thought they looked awful. They don't, but me thinking they did was enough, so, no pictures.
They will be coming with me to Whitby though. Just don't know if I'll wear them.

Today is Elektrofest; excuse me while I bounce. Very much looking forward to it. I am taking my Metaphorical Goth Lasso with me just in case one or two people turn up there...~grin~

Oh, and. Oh! ~hugs mhw and imago because they're wonderful~ Blaise and Draco make me such a happy kitten. ~smiles~
And I forgot to mention that on Friday night ali_in_london reached into her bag and gave me a Slytherin tie, because she said I'm the only person she knows who'd definitely be in Slytherin. I'm so honoured! ~grin~
So I have a Slytherin tie. (And indeed long wavy hair, black trousers, and a white shirt; one of these days I'll turn up to something dressed as Blaise...)

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