April 3rd, 2003

(I've tried patience)


Truly lovely evening/morning with wechsler; left me feeling much loved, wanted, and, erm, bitten. ~grin~
It's all a bit "just when you thought things couldn't get more confusing..." with him, but goodness knows it's all good.
~grins more~
You're right, you know, kitty, eventually you're going to be in so much trouble.....but not just yet. ~s~ ~happy miaowing~

Yesterday with duncanneko was very good too, and resulted in the buying of some music (Haysi Fantayzee's album! Wow!) and a Book Full Of Cats (expect a couple of new LJ icons popping up somewhere).

Cat-tired (as opposed to dog-tired) now, and as my previous engagement has decided he vants to be a lawn tonight, there will be [caffeinated beverage] with giolla this evening instead, so I think I shall spend most of the day asleep if that's quite all right with everyone. ~s~

Oh, and much to my general amused embarrassment, it turns out the girl who drew my attention at The Calling, to the point where I nearly went over and asked her to dance (before noticing she was with The Guy Who Danced To Every Single Song, anyway) was, erm, coracaskia.
You may laugh now. ~g~

Just to get a general idea, who's doing B-Movie tomorrow? There are some things I need to give some people and I'd like to know how many of them to bring, and stuff. ~smile~


Later : Note to self : Some things are important, and it's occasionally a good idea to remember them. D'oh.
Yes, for god's sake, even if it means keeping a *chart* or something. Just. Remember. Ok? Good.
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(I've tried patience)

Mmm, caffeine.

Well, I *think* that went well - you'd have to ask The Man, since he was possibly warier than I was, but he sat very stoically while I bounced at him lots and tried to protest my general innocence and failed, usually because I kept trying it just after squeaking about someone else I'd corrupted. Nobody understands me. ~grin~

I don't know. Caffeinated beverages with giolla at Liverpool Street and I shed about three tears. I'm impressed with myself, even if nobody else is going to be - particularly since the lack of moping and crying was entirely effortless. I am getting better. Go me. And things.

Anyway, I suspect I shall be awake for a stupidly long time now, since I slept hours earlier and have now had lots of caffeine. But it's better than some other things that have kept me awake lately so I shan't mind too much. ~s~

Oh, yeah, and. ~hums the chorus of the But He's So Sweet And Fluffy song~ Elektrofest Sunday. Whitby next weekend. I've got my claws out again. I want one.
Not that my plans for Whitby including staking even the very tiniest of claims on anyone at all, of course.


Whose halo doesn't even seem to want to be seen with her any more, damn it.
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    'As The World Falls Down', David Bowie. ~hugs Robin~
(I've tried patience)


How is it possible to love people so much without my heart exploding?

I feel fourteen storeys high (at least) and at the same time a kitten of a few tiny centimetres, wrapped up all safe and warm.

Good things come even out of bad things.

Who cares how we keep starting fires? Just let me kiss you once or twice in their flickering light, that's all I want.

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