March 30th, 2003

(I've tried patience)


There was a certain amount of confusion yesterday over where we were meeting, but eventually ended up meeting ladycat, rosenkavalier, moomintroll and someone I didn't know for a really very good lunch near Covent Garden.
And thence to the opera, which was quite beautiful, if suffering somewhat from an English translation. I do wish they wouldn't.

But it was good, and pretty, and very odd not looking up and seeing my mum. ~s~

And then back to mine for a couple of hours' conversation. Well, I say conversation - ladycat would vaguely ask something, I would nervously give an answer a little longer than required, and poor rosenkavalier sat all but silent through all of it - I feel dreadful this morning, I should have shut up hours before I did. ~sigh~ Well...ladycat likes me, anyway, so having lightly impressed one out of two isn't bad. I just. Bah.
Well, they escape from me today, and I shan't at all blame them if the first half hour out of my house is spent discussing how awful I am. ~s~

And now duncanneko isn't getting here till something short of five.

This weekend is trying to redefine "mixed blessing", I think, though it's not doing it very well.

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(I've tried patience)


There are some things you should never have to deal with. There are some things you should never have to see. There are some things you'll spend your whole life trying to claw away from the back of your eyes but that will stay there, ice-burned in.
Sometimes it's because they're so terrible.

Sometimes it's because they're so beautiful.

Sometimes? Sometimes it's both.

I'm fine, before anyone gets alarmed. ~s~ Really, I am. Just sometimes there are these moments in life.

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