March 16th, 2003

I can fly!


Strange dreams involving some giant live RPG in which Harry Potter was combined with Angband. Heh. For I am indeed a geek, whilst at the same time being the anti-geek of course.

Then I dreamed I was in Camden and ran into giolla; this is starting to get irritating in an amusing sort of way, because it marks the fifth similar dream I've had involving him - dreams in which all that happens is we meet and I bounce at him and we talk and we hug and it's all *fine*, which is roughly how I think things will go when I do meet up with him again.
Anyway, in my dream I told him he had to see what I'd worn at B-Movie (which he does, as I think he'd like it) and he responded with some line about not even being on my Friends list, and I explained about that for the eighteenth time and as I explained, I thought "this is really silly, isn't it?" and told him I'd put him back on when I got home.
Which is a bit like a huge bat with "HELLO, MESSAGE FROM YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS" being whacked around my head several times, frankly. ~g~ Thus, ~click~ ~type~ ~click~.

Oh, and he was in Camden shopping for brightly coloured balls of string for a deprived kids' party. Of course. ~shakes head~

Then it all went back to Harry Potter, I beat up some horrible Slytherin child for what he said about some of my friends, and then we stole (Angband) potions off Professor Snape and found that if we ran in x direction, he couldn't catch us. And we were late to the RPG and still not sorted, but we knew if we ran *fast* enough through the school (which, yes, was Roedean) we'd reach Ravenclaw. Where we'd be sorted into robinbloke's house with emomisy and his identical twin sister.

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(I've tried patience)

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Only two weeks ago, at roughly this time, it was all going so right I couldn't believe it. ~s~

And now here I am crying at Hollyoaks. (Again. I frequently cry at Hollyoaks, because it's so damn well acted.)

I don't know. It just seems like even if you're sure things are going to be fine, you shouldn't push it to *see*. Shouldn't listen to *that* song, or go to *that* place, or read *that* poem, until things *are* fine, rather than until you're sure they *will* be.
It seems daft to push it. To me. ~shrug~

Later : And a few minutes later, I feel fine again. I think this past few days have just been a bit generally unpleasant, and so I'm a little rocky, but I'll be fine by tomorrow night (ElectricDreamsbounce!).
I don't know. Just too bloody emotional, me. ~s~

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(I've tried patience)


Excuse me while I briefly worship the ground imago walks on. I get like this when people RP the characters I love just. exactly. right.
~bounce bounce~
When they do it whilst mentioning members of Duran Duran, it's even better. ~grin~

~bounce bounce bounce~

Damn, I miss roleplaying. But I miss roleplaying in chat with one other person, not LJ-RPG-style roleplaying. I want to have conversations in character again. It's been ages.

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