March 13th, 2003

(I've tried patience)


It was a good time with dennyd.

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I feel wrecked, now, literally as if something's driven over me and sheared me in half.

Oh well. Singing lesson later this afternoon. Um. Think I'm going to fall apart now.

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I can fly!

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Comfort food *should not* entail parmesan cheese alternated with lemon meringue ice cream.
That's deeply wrong.

However, I do feel better now.

~shakes head~ Strange kitten.

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(I've tried patience)

Ah, London.

On the tube on the way home from Moorgate, I was reading the adverts and noticed that someone had scrawled in black marker on one of the adverts for a home pregnancy test,

"You selfish tart. How's it going to get on the train at rush hour if WE can't?"

I love London.

Currently in the middle of a Nancy Mitford book which had a fabulous quote in it, too, which I thought I'd share :

"I wish I understood Americans," said Charles-Edouard. "They are very strange. So good, and yet so dull."
"What makes you think they are good?"
"You can see it, shining in their eyes."
"That's not goodness, that's contact lenses."

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